The Schematics of Structures

"Marvel at the majesty of mankind’s many architectural achievements with this selection of celebrated super-structures from around the world. From the Greek Parthenon to Buckingham Palace to Taipei 101 to the Freedom Tower, this lineup of landmark landmarks limns 90 eminent edifices erected and perfected throughout history. "

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It’s a fact that ableism, homophobia, and racism influence countless aspects of people’s everyday lives. Micro-aggressions, stereotypes, internalized prejudice, flagrant bigotry, institutionalised discrimination… There are also other matters to consider: accessibility, hair or skin care, limited dating pools, communities, culture, etc.

When none of these elements are acknowledged in realistic fiction, I notice. When the absence of those elements is praised, I notice especially.

And I wonder — perhaps uncharitably — are diverse characters only OK as long as they’re not too diverse?

Great article by YA author Corinne Duyvis on “incidental diversity” in books and the decline of the issues book. Lots worth thinking about.  (via leeandlow)

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All women speak two languages:

the language of men 

and the language of silent suffering.

Some women speak a third, 

the language of queens.

—Mohja Kahf, The Marvelous Women  (via aiyaadi)

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There is a difference between a book of two hundred pages from the very beginning, and a book of two hundred pages which is the result of an original eight hundred pages. The six hundred are there. Only you don’t see them.

—Elie Wiesel (via writingquotes)


Week 2 of Inktober (or at least a cohesive chunk of it at a time).

Not queer like gay. Queer like, escaping definition. Queer like some sort of fluidity and limitlessness at once. Queer like a freedom too strange to be conquered. Queer like the fearlessness to imagine what love can look like…and pursue it.

—Brandon Wint (via ethiopienne)

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Exploded and dissected skulls. Beauchene Skull - Mounted preparation of human skulls were used to demonstrate better views of separate cranial bones. 19th Century. The above images, I presume, were most likely prepared and mounted by RMC.


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